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The Sleeping Candle

DIY Vessel & Pour Your Own Candle Kit

DIY Vessel & Pour Your Own Candle Kit

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Make your own candle vessel to satisfy your home aesthetic-

Get your hands on TWO crafts in one convenient box for double the DIY with this limited edition kit. It includes everything needed to design, sculpt, decorate, and paint your own candle vessels.

No kiln needed!

TheSleepingCandle and Pottery with a Purpose have teamed up to create this limited edition kit that includes everything you need to sculpt, decorate + paint a candle vessel! Simply craft your vessel, let it dry, paint it, pour your candle, cozy up + enjoy!

Includes: 10 oz of wax beads scented with essential oil of your choosing in a muslin reusable pouch, wooden wick and metal tab, matches, vessel sealant, beginner-friendly instructions, 2 bags of air dry clay, sculpting tools, smoothing sponge, paintbrush, and white paint.


1. With the Air Dry Clay make any shape your heart desires. Ensure that the circumference and the bottom of your vessel is one inch thick all around. ( avoid cracks and leaks... you want a strong candle!) You will allow this to air dry for 2 -3 days

2. When your vessel is cold to the touch and completely dry, paint it!

3. Let that dry for a few hours and make sure to brush on the sealant and apply 2-3 coats. ( the more coats, the better, especially if you are reusing this as a candle or pot for your plants!)

4. Let sit for 24 hours and get ready for pouring!

5. Pour your wax flakes into a microwavable safe glass bowl or cup. Microwave for two-three minutes and stir when translucent.

6. Stick your wooden wick inside your vessel after you see a white cast form on the bottom of your vessel so the wood wick stays in the middle of your beautiful project

7. There you go! Wait 24-72 hours before you light your candle for optimal scent throw! The more time you let your candle cure the better!


TheSleepingCandle x Potterywithapurpose 



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